iPad Repair

iPad damage is never expected and rarely convenient. When we repair your Apple iPad, our service is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Turn to us for your iPad glass or screen replacement, and you can expect the best customer service with the satisfaction that your Apple iPad is quality checked to meet manufacturers’ requirements

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In order to determine which repair solution is best for you, tell us about the device you need help with. 

Get a Quote + Schedule

In order to determine which repair solution is best for you, tell us about the device you need help with. 

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Get a Quote + Schedule

Get a Quote + Schedule
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Pay after the repair
Delivery · Location
When can we help?
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 iPad Pro
10 Services
iPad Pro 12.9 ∙ 5th Gen | Screen Repair 2021 Model: A2378 A2461 A2379 ∙ 🕐 60 Mins $789
iPad Pro 12.9 ∙ 4th Gen | Screen Repair 2020 Model: A2229 A2069 A2232 ∙ 🕐 60 Mins $269
iPad Pro 12.9 ∙ 3rd Gen | Screen Repair 2018 Model: A1876 A2014 A1895 ∙ 🕐 60 Mins $269
iPad Pro 12.9 ∙ 2nd Gen | Screen Repair 12.9in. 2017 Model: A1670, A1671 ∙ 🕐 60 Mins $569
iPad Pro 12.9 ∙ 1st Gen | Screen Repair 12.9in. 2015 Model: A1584, A1652 • 🕓 60 mins $305
iPad Pro 11 ∙ 3rd Gen | Screen Repair 11in. 2021 Model: A2377, A2459, A2301 ∙ $279
iPad Pro 11 ∙ 2nd Gen | Screen Repair 11in. 2020 Model: A2228, A2068 • 🕐 60 Mins $269
iPad Pro 11 ∙ 1st Gen | Screen Repair 11in. 2018 Model: A1980, A2013, A1934 • 🕓 60 $265
iPad Pro 10.5 ∙ 1st Gen | Screen Repair 10.5in. 2017 Model: A1701, A1709 ∙ 🕐 60 Mins $269
iPad Pro 9.7 ∙ Screen Repair 2016 Model: A1673, A1674, A1675 • 🕐 60 Mins $269
 iPad Air
4 Services
iPad Air 4 ∙ Glass Repair iPad Air 4 (2020) Model A2316, A2324, A2325∙ 60 Minutes $249
iPad Air 3 ∙ Glass Repair iPad Air 3 (2019) Model A2152, A2153, A2123∙ 60 Minutes $259
iPad Air 2 ∙ Glass Repair iPad Air 2 (2014) Model A1566, A1567 ∙ 60 Minutes $249
iPad Air 1 ∙ Glass Repair iPad Air 1 (2013) Model A1474, A1475, A1475∙ 60 Minutes $149
 iPad Mini
3 Services
iPad Mini 5 ∙ Glass Repair iPad Mini 5 (2019) Model A2133, A2124, A2126 ∙ 60 Minutes $225
iPad Mini 4 ∙ Glass Repair iPad Mini 4 (2015) Model A1538, A1550 ∙ 60 Minutes $195
iPad Mini 3 ∙ Glass Repair iPad Mini 3 (2014) Model A1599, A1600 ∙ 60 Minutes $130
 iPad
6 Services
iPad 9 ∙ Glass Repair Gen 9 A2602, A2603, A2604 ∙ 60 Minutes $150
iPad 8 ∙ Glass Repair Gen 8 A2270, A2428, A2429 ∙ 60 Minutes $150
iPad 7 ∙ Glass Repair Gen 7 A2197, A2200, A2198 ∙ 60 Minutes $150
iPad 6 ∙ Glass Repair iPad 6th Gen 2018 A1893, A1954 ∙ 60 Minutes $150
iPad 5 ∙ Glass Repair iPad 5th Gen 2017 A1822, A1823 ∙ 60 Minutes $150
iPad 4 ∙ Glass Repair iPad 4th Gen 2012 A1458, A1459, A1460∙ 60 Minutes $150
How it works
What to Expect
Our Guarantee
Your Privacy

How it works

Use our website’s booking page to enter your device and location details when you need a repair. You can choose from various services; the most common is screen repair.

Online scheduling is the ultimate in-service convenience. Available 24/7, it’s ready when you are, so you don’t have to wait to call during business hours. Best of all, you can see what dates and times are available. Choose a time that works for you.

  1. Select your device.
  2. Tell us what’s wrong with it.
  3. Choose a date and time.
  4. Submit your information.

Once you’ve submitted your repair request, you’ll receive confirmation via email and text message. Upon our arrival, greet your technician, sit back and relax.

✓ We’ll arrive to fix your device
✓ Fix it at our vehicle in plain view
✓ You pay at the end

During our visit

Here’s what will happen


  • Your technician will notify you of his arrival via the method of your choice.
  • Your technician will greet you with a smile and thumbs-up instead of a handshake.
  • Your technician will disinfect your device before servicing it.
  • Your technician will practice social distancing and wear a mask.
  • Your technicians will repair your device using the highest quality parts commercially available.
  • Your technician will inspect your device to ensure proper workmanship.
  • Your technicians will fulfill our commitments by delivering exceptional service and craftsmanship in such a manner that we become your only choice.

Our Guarantee


Everything comes with a warranty

For screen repair, our warranty period is a lifetime. Our warranty period is twelve (12) months for all other repairs. Suppose our part malfunctions while under regular use. We will replace the part again at no cost to you.

What the warranty does not cover

  • Defects or damage caused by accident, misuse, abnormal use, abnormal conditions, improper storage,  neglect, or unusual physical, electrical or electromechanical stress;
  • Defects or damage caused by exposure to liquid, moisture, dampness, weather conditions, sand, dust, or dirt inconsistent with the specifications and instructions applicable to the Product according to the user manual.

Your Info is safe

You can rest assured that your personal data will remain secure during the repair process. Our repair process is fully transparent and your device can remain visible and accessible to you during the entire process.

We will never ask you for the password to your device.